Welcome to Restaurant Särkänlinna on the historic fortress island of Särkkä. The fortress was once a part of the Suomenlinna sea fortress built by Sweden with French backing from 1748.

Särkkä was originally constructed to guard the sea routes to Kruunuvuorenselkä. However, over the years the fortress has been put to a number of uses: an ammunition storage for the Imperial Court of St. Petersburg, a penal establishment for Russian political prisoners and, in 1952, a base for Olympic sailing, to name but a few.

Restaurant Särkänlinna was established in 1924. The restaurant, designed by Architect Oiva Kallio, offers magnificent views of the summery Kaivopuisto park and the open sea. As you can see, the restaurant floor slopes gently towards the kitchen. This is not contrived – in times gone by, a sloping floor was necessary for rolling cannon balls down to cannons.

Restaurant Särkänlinna is one of Helsinki’s most beloved summer restaurants. The menu designed by Chef Tero Nummelin draws on the finest ingredients, life in the Finnish archipelago and seasonal Finnish food. For crayfish lovers, Särkänlinna has always been the restaurant of choice.

We wish you a memorable culinary experience in an unbeatable setting.